1/4 inch Diameter Hall Effect Sensor

Product Announcement from Magnetic Sensors Corporation

1/4 inch Diameter Hall Effect Sensor-Image

1/4" dia. Hall Effect Geartooth Sensors

Magnetic Sensors Corporation's new, full-function Hall-effect sensors provide high-speed, true-zero speed sensing for limited space applications.

Measuring only 1/4" dia. by 1.130" overall length. With no compromise in performance this sensor delivers a 10 mA output. Supply voltage from 5 to 24 vdc. Operating speeds are from true zero to 12,000 cycles per second. Air gap is .015" with using 8DP gear as a target. Operating temperature: -25°C to +125°C. 3-wire current sinking output is standard. 303 stainless steel housing. Many termination options are available..