Custom Coil Assemblies

Product Announcement from Magnetic Sensors Corporation

Custom Coil Assemblies-Image

MSC has the capacity to produce coils in sizes ranging from large, 16 gauge windings, to tiny 56 gauge. Some so small they are hard to see with the naked eye.

Flat wire and square wire technologies allow more powerful, more compact coils.

Production flexibility allows runs from prototypes, short runs, and large production runs, maintaining consistant quality, regardless of the quantity.


- Bobbin Wound

- Free Standing (no bobbin)

- Magnetic Pickup Speed Sensor coils

- Custom Solenoid


- Minimum - .011" Diameter (magneto optical application)

- Maximum - 6" Diameter


- Minimum - 56 AWG

- Maximum - 16 AWG

BONDING: - Wet Epoxy

- Heat Bonding

- Heavy Duty - Wound with wet epoxy then heat cured for outstanding mechanical integrity.


- Transfer Molding

- Injection Molding

- Thermoset Plastics

- Thermoplastics


- VR Speed Sensors

- Electromagnets

- Solenoids

- Voice Coils

- Motors

- Latching Solenoid Coils

- IR Steering Mirrors

- Pot Cores

- Valve Actuators

- Electromagnetic Valve Actuators for "camless" Engines

- Miniature Ferrite Conductors

- Magnetic Memory

- Magneto-Optical Disk Drives