MSC Vehicle Speed Sensors

Product Announcement from Magnetic Sensors Corporation

MSC Vehicle Speed Sensors-Image

High quality, reliable digital signal source for automotive applications. Connects to transmission speedometer cable drive output fitting. Alternatively it can be installed in-line or at the end the of speedometer cable.

Hall-effect or reed switch technology. Heavy-duty construction stands up to rugged usage. Die cast metal case with sintered bronze bearings. Ruthenium/gold contacts are used on reed switch units.

Standard Configurations (left to right) 7/8-18 Closed, Ford Closed, 7/8-18 Through, Ford Through. Other input fittings are available by special order.

Dual Output (inset) All Standard Configurations available.

VSS Applications

  • Aftermarket EFI
  • Electronic Speedometer
  • Cruise Control
  • Engine Swaps
  • OEM
  • Military Vehicles
  • Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • Data Acquisition