Magnetic Sensors - Variable Reluctance (Passive)

Product Announcement from Magnetic Sensors Corporation

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Magnetic Sensors Corporation

Analog Variable Reluctance (VR) Speed Sensors - Passive Sensors. Require no outside power source. The sensor generates a sinusoidal output voltage proportional to target speed and air gap. Analog signal is generated in response to fluctuation in magnetic field resulting from interruption by ferrous targets. VR sensors have the capacity to measure very high speeds, high reliability, long life, and economy. Can be configured for use in very high temperatures.

Effective target speeds range from 20 inches per second (IPS) to several hundred IPS, indicated by signal frequency and/or voltage. The output voltage, depending on air gap and the target surface speed, ranges from a few millivolts at the slowest target surface speed to several volts at the highest target speed as depicted graphically on the catalog data sheets.