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Malish Plastic's Extrusion tooling is usually much more cost effective than tooling for other plastics operations. Dependent on the material, size of the extrudite, level of dimensional tolerance, and need for post-extrusion operations, the total cost of extrusion tooling is often a fraction of that for an injection mold. Typically, a profile or tube extrusion will require either some or all of the following:

  • A die from which the molten plastic is initially formed. These can range from simple flat "plate" dies to very complex "streamlined" dies.
  • Downstream sizing tools which allow the extrudite to hold its size and shape as it cools.
  • Secondary jigs, fixtures, or dies for welding, punching, taping, printing, or various other possible operations.

Malish Plastics' investment in leading edge technology and processes ensures your tooling will produce repeatable, high quality parts. Their engineering staff utilizes state-of-the-art CAD software to design your tool. They then produce the tool in-house using modern wire EDM processing.

Malish Plastics' ability to build and test tooling on-site is a critical benefit for two reasons:

  • Tooling must be "tuned" to produce the desired outcome. This process often requires multiple "shoots," where the tool is tested and adjusted repeatedly. An extruder who does not build his own tools must ferry the tool back and forth to his fabricator, adding days or weeks to the process.
  • They produce your tooling more cost effectively because there is no "middle man" adding cost. It is their philosophy to earn their profit on the production of your parts and not your tool.

From the simple to the very complex, their engineers can develop cost-effective tooling to fit your needs.

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