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Product Announcement from Manufacturers Supplies Co.

The diversity of the ATOM Flashcut dieless knife cutting system is the key factor to it's success. For any company producing cut parts - from concept through research and development, prototyping, multiple applications, to production quantities - the ATOM oscillating knife cutting table can quickly be developed to suit the customer, whatever the industry.

The reliability and ease of use of our products have made them the first choice for major users and we are proud of it's involvement in may industries, in particular the Formula 1 race teams, where accuracy, flexibility, profitability are the key performance indicators.

Dieless cutting translates to faster production, cost savings, increased flexibility, improved use of automatic nesting & reduced time to market. The ATOM Flashcut Dieless Knife Cutting System is a complete line of oscillating knife cutting tables, available in several models with either a flat, inclined or conveyorized cutting surface with useable cutting areas up to 6.1M x 2.6M.

The ATOM knife cutting systems are the results of 60+ years experience in the cutting field, experience collected by following their customers and paying detailed attention to their feedback and actual cutting needs.

The possibility to add over-head digital cameras for material contour recognition, projectors to visualize the cutting layout and assisted parts collection, and the powerful yet easy to use control software with the cutting edge automatic and interactive nesting software, are key components to the Flashcut's points of strength, making it the ideal cutting solution for a variety of industries processing diverse amounts of synthetic material.

The traditional reliability of ATOM's mechanical components, together with the powerful and flexible production control software make the Flashcut an efficient, versatile & powerful dieless cutting system suitable for:

  • Gaskets in their various forms (tang graphite included)
  • Soft, rigid & laminated foams up to 130 mm thick
  • Rubber up to 25mm thick
  • Conveyor Belting - PU, PVC, polyester, textile, rubber, fiber glass, leather etc..
  • Cardboard and related packaging materials
  • Technical textiles and composites (honeycomb, kevlar, breather, aramid, pre-pregs, dry fibers)
  • Adhesive and non-adhesive products (kisscutting capabilities)
  • Plastics (PVC, polycarbonates & acrylics)
  • Light metals (aluminum) and alloys (copper and brass)
  • Carbon fibers and similar composites
  • Car upholstery and internal parts
  • Shoe & leather components
  • and many, many more

All of this with a single cutting system.

The introduction of the ATOM Flashcut Dual Oscillating Knife Cutting Table into the design or production department of a factory allows:

  • The dramatic reduction of those problems associated with the manufacturing, management and storing of cutting dies.
  • A significant increase in production flexibility.
  • A considerable reduction in the time required for the preparation of Models and the introduction of the finished product(s) to the marketplace.

This dieless cutting table is the ideal solution for small and medium production runs for every company. With a Flashcut system, accurate dieless cutting is simple and inexpensive. Quality and life of the components along with the precise control, high speed cutting and punching speeds, user friendliness, low running costs and high degree of safety, make it the perfect solution for knife cutting applications.

The ATOM Flashcut Dieless Knife Cutting Tables are divided into three great families, accordingly with the kind of cutting surface & table structure.

Flat Bed Dieless Cutting Machines allow the operator to work on the four sides of the table, cut material up tp 6.1M x 2.6M & double productivity by using two independent cutting heads.

Inclined Dieless Cutting Machines allow the operator to have better accessibility to the materials, perform all the operations from the front side of the machine & work very efficiently with materials up to 3M x 1M.

Conveyorized Dieless Cutting Machines offers maximum production and throughout of cut parts due to the continuous cutting operation performed by the conveyor. The material is fed onto the bed of the machine into the "cutting zone". Once the components are cut, the conveyor feeds to a take-off area loacted at the front of the machine. The operator can then strip the cut parts while the machine automatically relaoads the material and the cutting process continues.

We listen to our customer and constantly monitor developments in technology. In-house engineers, who develop the cutting system and nesting software, partner companies and consultants ensure that the ATOM products are always at the leading edge of technology.

We offer a comprehensive range of products, placing great emphasis on training, support and application development. We are always pleased to discuss new applications and requirements for our dieless knife cutting machine, working with our customer's to develop a solution.

We are always please to carry our cutting trials @ our locations in Cincinnati OH (513-677-3311) or St. Louis MO (314-770-0880) with demonstration machines on-hand to carry out cutting trials on customer's materials ensuring that a solution is found and that their requirements are met.

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