Automated Cutting Solutions for Composites

Product Announcement from Manufacturers Supplies Co.

Increasingly more and more companies are seeing the introduction of new technology playing a critical role within their company. Customers want the high quality work and service they have always received from you-but they want it quicker and at a lower price. Additionally, specialist designs, applications and materials as well as higher tooling & labor costs are just some of the factors causing problems in the traditional production methods. ATOM has designed a cost effective solution to eradicate these problems and streamline your current production processes.

The ATOM dieless oscillating knife cutting system will reduce your development costs, increase production throughput, significantly reduce material scrap and are guaranteed to produce cut parts with a high degree of accuracy (+/- 0.1mm) and repeatability every time.

The flexible tooling combination enables the full spectrum of composite & technical textile materials to be cut including pre-pregs, dry fabrics, glass fiber, carbon fiber, kevlar, hybrid, breather, release, laminates, foam up to 130mm in thickness, honeycomb & plastics.

Machines are available with a flat-bed or conveyor (B Series) with one or two cutting heads. The continuous cutting operation performed by the conveyor system offers maximum production through-put of cut parts without the need to stop the machine. The material is fed onto the bed of the machine into the "cutting zone" (material can be in roll or sheet form) and its powerful internal vacuum system ensures material hold-down and cutting accuracy. Once the components are cut, the conveyor feeds the parts to a "take-off" area located at the front of the machine. The operator can strip the cut parts while the machine automatically reloads the material and the cutting process continues.

The B Series conveyorized dieless cutting system ensures non-stop production regardless of the length of material. The B Series is capable of producing large components by indexing the conveyor belt and joining the cutting path. The advantage of this type of machine is that it offers a much smaller footprint than traditional 'static-bed' cutting tables.

Traditional cutting methods are time consuming & costly. The ATOM dieless knife cutter automates the labor intensive operation of cutting components & profiles by hand with the additional advantage of increasing material yields & minimizing material waste which are key factors when handling expensive composite & technical textile materials.

Industries such as aerosapce, automotive, alternative energy (wind turbine blades), technical textiles (radomes, parachutes, satellite covers..) and many more are benefiting from the easy to use 2D CAD packages which have powerful features to make the design process simple and accurate. Once the designs are in the CAD system, the operator has the flexibility to make any necessary modifications before cutting, saving time and significantly reducing errors in the cutting room. The ability to make a design modification with instantaneous results & nest components is the most efficient way to reduce material waste. Repeatability and accuracy are assured every time reducing the rejection rate, increasing production throughput as well as reducing the cost of producing prototypes and production runs.

A variety of table sizes are available ranging from the small model FC 222 (600mm x 1000mm cutting area) up to the large model 610260 (6.1M x 2.6M cutting area) - custom table sizes are available. Material handling solutions include single & multi-roll material stands, power feeders and power cradles with precise tension & edge control, and automated sheet loading devices.

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