High Speed Flat Bed Die Cutting Presses

Product Announcement from Manufacturers Supplies Co.

Guidolin Girotto Srl is focused on the engineering & manufacturing of precision high-speed mechanical flatbed die cutting systems suitable to kiss cut or total cut any technical flexible material including adhesive & double sided adhesive tapes, expanded materials with open or closed cells, coupled materials, rubbers, abrasives, filters, elastic marterials, textiles, metallic materials and similar products.

Our die cutting machines suit a wide range of applications, as they can be assembled according to various requirements, to the kind of manufacturing and to the kind of material, and they can be equipped with many optional systems.

Due to modular stations, to different options and to a computerized system they are extremely versatile, fast and easy to use, and they guarantee quick production changes and low production times and costs.

The main fields of application are the following: automotive, aerospace, electronics, gasket, converting, packaging, medical products, labels, others.

In the automotive sector our customers are direct suppliers of the major manufacturers which include: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Lada, Lancia, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, & Volkswagen.

In the field of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes we work on a worldwide scale with re-sellers of 3M, Tesa, Avery Dennison, Lohmann, Nitto Denko and many others.

Our die cutting machines are well know for their high production speeds, reliable cutting results, top performance and long lasting precision. In today's competitive converting market, productivity, reliability and precision means optimizing production times & product quality to ensure improvements in all productive sectors.

Standard machines are available with mechanical cutting pressures ranging from 5-10-20-35 tons with platen sizes starting @ 200mm x 200mm up to 600mm x 600mm. The internal PLC controls all the machines functions with 400 recipes available for immediate recall. The industries using these style machines are extremely diversified therefore our machines are modular and can be built from the base up to suit the customer's specific converting requirement.

Optional Systems Include:

  • Iogenic bars with feeder for highly static materials
  • Heated platens for heated cutting, printing & embossing
  • Optical photocell for light/dark & hologram registration
  • Pneuamtic expansion shafts (Diameter on request)
  • Separate unwind with variable speed nip roll feed equipped with photocell for the automatic material unwinding
  • Double friction controlled unwind equipped with variable speed motorized roll feed for continuous coupling using double sided adhesives
  • Separate continuous rewind equipped with machine controls and a separate control panel
  • Scrap separator with blade for the automatic removal of web matrix
  • Pneumatic expulsion unit with X.Y & Z axial setting & piece evacuation chute
  • Expulsion unit at the machine exit, X, Y & Z axial setting with third synchronized conveyor
  • Razor blade slitting unit or blade-counterblade configuration
  • Automatic guillotine cutting system assembled on the machine for transversal cut with axial setting
  • Conveyor belt for cut piece collection
  • Automatic or manual sheet loading device
  • Variety of variable speed motorized unwinds and rewinds to meet the customers specific converting application

Our technical skills and the experience in the field allow us to constantly develop innovative strategies in cutting solutions and in our machinery range in order to satisfy the requirements of complex productions by ensuring rapid & high cutting precision.

Our first aim is to devote the maximum attention to the customer and to his/her production requirements. This task is not limited to the production process, but starts with an in-depth analysis of the customers needs: the customer is always welcome to visit our factory or, if this is not possible, send samples of the material in order to project the most suitable machine for them.

For more details on our complete range of automated flat bed cutting systems, or to arrange a time for a hands-on narrow web converting demonstration, please contact the following;

Manufacturers Supplies Company

  • 106 Commerce Blvd
  • Loveland, OH 45140
  • (513) 677-3311
  • information@mfgsup.com
  • www.kisscutting.com

Or, you can contact the manufacturer direct @ www.guidolin.com