Automatic & Semi-Automatic Slitters-Rewinders

Product Announcement from Manufacturers Supplies Co.

FEBA Srl Converting Machinery custom engineers & manufactures fully automatic & semi automatic slitters-rewinders, log winders (loggers), unwinders & packaging machinery for self adhesive tapes, non-adhesive tapes, foam tapes, specialty laminated materials & medical tapes. Materials most commonly converted on this type of machinery include; PVC, PP, OPP, BOPP, masking tape, ribbon, duct tape, foam tapes, cellophane, double sided adhesive tapes, transfer tapes, aluminum, paper tapes, cloth tape etc..

FEBA slitters-rewinders, loggers, log winders, & unwinders are built accordingly to meet the customer's specific converting application.

Technical Specifications

  • Working Width : 1000mm - 3100mm
  • Material OD Jumbo : 600-800-1000-1200mm
  • Rewind OD : 180-250-300-400-500-600-750mm (Special Sizes Upon Request)
  • Rewind Core ID : 1", 2", 3" & 6"
  • Mechanical Operating Speeds : 150-300-400-500 Mts/Min
  • Minimum Slitting Width : 12mm

The following features can be fitted to meet your material requirements:

Unwind Unit : Shafted or Shaftless

  • Jumbo axe motorized by A.C. motor (system automatically decreases the brake tension while the jumbo OD decreases)
  • FIFE edge guide system with +/- 75mm stroke
  • One adjustable lay-on-roller
  • Web break detector
  • Liner recovery positioned above the jumbo with automatic web guide
  • Splice Table : pneumatic, V groove or vacuum
  • Hydraulic jumbo roll lifting-loading device

Material Handling

  • The FEBA slitter-rewinder & loggers are fitted with smoothed path rollers, which can be coated in PLASMA or SILICONE and are positioned in close proximity for the ideal handling of self-wound and linear adhesive materials.
  • Also fitted, to assist in uniform web movement, is a large 'pulling' unit powered by an AC motor, positioned centrally between the unwind & rewind
  • Variable curvature banana (bow) roller to avoid wrinkles when logging
  • Auto end-tab application for non adhesive paper
  • Mechanical trim recovery unit (two trim winders with oscillating proportional to the speed)

Slitting Units (Razor, Score-Pressure or Scissor Cut)

  • Lubrication device for all slitting units
  • Razor blade can be in-air of v-groove type
  • Score cut (pressure) slitting unit on interchangeable cart complete with niturated steel roll, steel support for dove-tail bar and air collector with fast connection
  • Scissor cut slitting unit complete with trolley for quick change out

Rewind Unit (Simplex, Duplex, Single Turret or Twin Turret)

  • Two turret units (revolver) with 2 shafts each (ID 3"), with automatic rotation
  • Automatic centering insertion and release of shafts on turrets
  • Two rewind A.C. motors electronically controlled by servo-diameter calulcator and encoder feedback
  • Two automatic transversal cut units with smoothing of the ends (tab position controlled by encoder feedback)
  • Control counter of tab positioning on the roll by optic reader with tolerance of +/- 1.5mm

Shaft Transfer System for Loading/Unloading

  • One robot to automatically move the mandrels (shafts) from the slitter to the output roll conveyor and from the slitter to the core loader and vice-versa
  • The unit is complete with 4 brushless motors controlled by multi-axes central unit
  • 5 axis control card : 4 axes to control the robot and 1 to control the automatic core loader. Both are interlocked.

Automatic Core Loader in-line with Slitter-Rewinder

  • Machine is complete with automatic unloading of the rewound rolls and loading cores onto the shafts in line with the slitter-rewinder
  • Trolley movement by recirculating ball screw (positions controlled by the multi-axes central unit)
  • Equipment to control core selection loading
  • Output rolls : horizontal or vertical position

Industrial PLC Type OMRON, Allen Bradley or Siemens 10" Touchscreen

  • Alpha-numeric display
  • Full diagnostic control
  • Solid state alarm
  • Slitter-Rewinder instructions with fault finding
  • All slitting operations stored into the PLC, including: meterage, number of cycles, speed, brake tension, tab application, minimum gap
  • 400 Recipes
  • Modem Link

Please contact us at the following locations for more information on our complete range of FEBA Slitters-Rewinders, Single Knife Lathe Slitters, Packaging Machines & Custom Laminators:

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