EMDS - Fully Automatic Single Knife Slitter

Product Announcement from Manufacturers Supplies Co.

FEBA Srl Converting Machinery, manufactures automatic single knife log slitters, double knife lathe slitting systems, mono and multi-shafted roll slitters, and sawing machines for the adhesive and non-adhesive tape markets, foam and rubber converters, textile manufacturers, protection films, paper, laminates and similar products.

All models, from the single knife F400, F600 & F700 to the twin blade 2L-350 or 4-Shaft 4L-400 now each incorporate 3 different levels of specifications, with the top series – EMDS providing the ultimate in precision CNC control.

The EMDS model is automatically able to position the blade in relation to the external diameter of the log being slit (via sonar); automatically self centering the blade (via laser), irrespective of it's diameter, or how much has been removed during the grinding/polishing process, which is essential for the correct usage of an automatic blade axis angle and CNC system. These systems will not only slash cycle times when loading different diameters of material, but also when the operator has to change blades.

EMDS machines can store 400 different slitting recipes and can also include PC connection for production supervision and set up while a standard modem link ensures immediate factory intervention should the need arise.

The new EMDS machine now incorporates automatic roll edge acquisition, whereby the operator leaves the machine to automatically find the edge of the log and also traverse to the pre-determined trim width. Add to this programmable blade AXIS angles and the New electromagnetic displacement System (another worlds first which removes the need for lead screws and pistons) and you have the worlds first Truly Automatic lathe slitting system, without any operator intervention!

Many converters & even manufacturers now convert a vast range of products that require the need for the slit rolls to be converted after slitting. This means that product & size changes are both frequent and vital as converters may need only 2 or 3 rolls from each log they are converting. This is where a truly fully automatic lathe slitter really pays dividends. The operator is no longer responsible for long cycle times, waiting for the blade to travel through 'thin air' at a slow penetration speed. Usually operators need to set at least the traversing stops for the slitting head, be it mechanically or electrically set, and also set the limit stops to take in to account the diameter of the roll and also the diameter of the slitting blade.

This operation, when changing blade & log sizes, can increase down time and overall cycle times to a stage where the conversion costs are no longer in tune with the base price of most lathe slit commodity products. Take in to account that, in order to cut the overall cost in lathe slitting conversion, thus increasing profitability, machine users are looking toward Lean Manufacturing Techniques that allow one machine to be extremely flexible, handling all blade sizes, log sizes and slit width changes, quickly & efficiently. Having to set any machine manually totally ruins the inherent basis for lean manufacturing which will only have a detrimental effect on production & profitability.

Ideally suited for Lean Manufacturing Techniques, the New FEBA EMDS (electromagnetic displacement system) also improves cycle times by up to 35%*, removes the need for lubrication of the displacement system and reduces noise, vibration and wear & tear.

In the ideal world, the operator would load the log, choose the product number from the machines PLC ( in order to set the slitting parameters) and the machine should then do the rest. Unfortunately, most so called 'automatic lathe slitting machines' rely on the operator to set the amount of slitting head traverse and the distance of the blade from both the material and the distance that the blade itself travels into the shaft.

Well, with FEBA's new specification, this is no longer an issue.

Once the operator has mechanically fitted a new blade and fed a new log onto the machine, he only needs to press a Zero Point Search button on the PLC and the machine will find the positions automatically and check these during the course of the run. The fully programmable blade AXIS angles and automatic roll edge acquisition leaves the machine to automatically find the edge of the log and these top specifications can be programmed to the pre-determined trim width and adjust the blade axis angle for different slit widths as well.

We are seeing more and more converters produce rolls 'Just-in-Time", and having to change blades and accomodate different log sizes can take up to half and hour on most machines. With these new specifications, new blades and diameter changes can be accomplished in a few minutes without the usual operator errors.

Options such as semi-automatic & fully automatic log loading systems, automatic front guard lifting devices & automatic shaft supports will only further increase productivity & profit margins.

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