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Two of the industry’s process equipment leaders in mixing/sorting/drying, Kason Corporation ( and Marion Process Solutions (, have come together to form an exclusive cannabis systems engineering and integration partnership with ABM Equipment (

Both Marion and Kason had an already established relationship with ABM as a regional third-party sales representative. Executives moved to expand the relationship as a way to leverage resources and accelerate market penetration into the cannabis markets for all three organizations.

“Kason and Marion both hold significant processing performance advantages for sorting, separation and drying technologies used by fast-growing cannabis and hemp processors,” explained Brad Sterner, CEO of Advanced Materials Processing, the holding company owners of both Kason and Marion. “ABM brings tremendous market presence and a field-proven system engineering foundation in cannabis processing solutions, putting the three entities in a strong position to provide customers with combined solutions and expertise from a single source. For processors, they no longer need to assume the burden of cobbling together disparate vendors and equipment into a high performing processing line.”

As industry volumes have grown, many processors have struggled with optimizing their production processes to find ways to improve throughput, achieve premium product reliability, and reduce operating costs such as maintenance and energy consumption. Earlier solutions that relied on hang drying or improper heating technologies were too slow, inconsistent, and unnecessarily damaging to the delicate flower.

Kason brings a wide variety of centrifugal sifting, vibratory sorting and fluid bed drying equipment solutions for applications ranging from bud sorting and sifting to drying and packaging. Marion offers markedly accelerated drying times and quality improvement through its microwave-based, patented WaveMix™ technology. Solutions from both Kason and Marion prevent burning and other inefficiencies typical of solutions from outside industries that weren’t intended for cannabis.

ABM Owner Jeff Walling pointed to his company’s early head start in the cannabis/hemp industry in solving the problems that kept processors from achieving the throughput and reliability they needed to succeed.

“We heard from the market about various processing complexities and equipment improvements they needed to see in order to install a system that doesn’t degrade THC, CBD, and terpenes. Today we’re configuring systems capable of drying up to 8,000 pounds/hour without sacrificing so much CBD and THC,” Walling explained. “Our customers are very pleased to see CBD retention more than 90% and even energy consumption improvements down to 1 MBTU per 1230 pounds dried.”

“With our large installed base in this market and an equipment solution footprint that covers nearly 20 different cannabis process technologies, ABM and our partners at Kason and Marion today are able to provide the three elements critical to our customers: faster time to market, lower operating costs and consistently outstanding product quality.”

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