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Prodigy™ Filter Designer

Featured Product from Marki Microwave, Inc.

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Go from ordinary to extraordinary RF/microwave development with Prodigy™ Filter Designer. Generate instantaneous 3D FEM quality filter designs with Prodigy, the new automated filter design tool from Marki Microwave. Powered by advanced FEM modeling and machine learning techniques, Prodigy puts filter design into the customer’s hands.


The Prodigy interface gives the user three variables to select the desired filter: topology, center frequency, and bandwidth. The interface then shows a simulation of the insertion and return loss for the designed filter. In contrast to the ideal filter prediction given by the mathematical models, Prodigy Filter Designer creates a real designed filter, with known design variables and size. Most importantly, Prodigy uses machine learning to calculate the real S-parameters of the designed filters with all undesirable 3D effects (like metal loss, parasitics, and cross coupling) included. This design and its Touchstone file are available instantly via email so you can accommodate the real filter performance at the initial stages of a system design.


Start Designing at https://markimicrowave.com/technical-resources/tools/filter-prodigy/