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MarShield’s Custom NDT Shielding Rooms Process

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In industries like aerospace, automotive, architecture, power, and oil and gas, the use of industrial X-ray systems is crucial. However, the X-rays emitted by these systems can be harmful to both sensitive components and the equipment operator. MarShield’s custom modular Industrial X-ray or NDT radiation shielding rooms are an essential solution for protecting sensitive components and equipment operators from X-rays emitted by industrial systems.

Why Choose MarShield’s NDT Rooms?
MarShield’s protective rooms are modular and customizable, ensuring a safe workplace environment. Not only do they meet the mandated ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) goals, but they can also be tailored to your specific requirements.

The MarShield NDT Room Creation Process:

  1. Design & Quote: Based on the customer’s description, a design is drafted, costed, and quoted.
  2. 2D Orthographic Drawing: A detailed 2D drawing is created for customer approval.
  3. Detailed Construction Drawings: Each frame section and wall panel are outlined for precision.
  4. Fabrication: Based on the construction drawings, room parts are fabricated in our shop.
  5. Trial Assembly: The room is assembled in our facility to ensure perfect fit and function.
  6. Powder Coating: The room is disassembled and sent for durable powder coating.
  7. Final Assembly: Coated parts return and are ready for final assembly and packaging.
  8. Reference Drawings: Shop drawings guide the assembly of wall panels, doors, and more.
  9. Packaging: All components, including support frames, wall panels, sliding doors, and seam cover strips, are prepared for shipping.
  10. Receival & Set Up: We also offer an assembly 3D step-by-step PowerPoint, both in digital and printed form.

Choose MarShield for a seamless, safe, and efficient NDT room solution. Visit our NDT room page for more information, or contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quote for a custom NDT room.