King-Gage® Offshore Tank Level Monitoring System

Product Announcement from Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

King-Gage® Offshore Tank Level Monitoring System-Image

Marsh Bellofram Corporation (, a member of the Bellofram Group of Companies, has introduced the King-Gage® LP3™ Marine System, a complete tank liquid level and vessel draft measurement solution, designed to ensure continuous high-accuracy monitoring of multiple service and ballast water tanks within marine and offshore environments.

Available in 8-, 16-, 24- and 32-tank configurations, the King-Gage® LP3™ Marine System is supplied with all necessary measurement modules, signal conditioning, data acquisition and network communications links for high-accuracy, high repeatability tank level measurement and readout capabilities. When used along with two-wire level sensors, hydrostatic pressure or D/P transmitters, supplied LP3™ analog input modules provide complete 4-20 mA sensor transmitter signal loop processing, with signal scaling of specific tank geometries for the accurate calculation of a volumetric measurement. The processor references a capacity profile to correlate transmitter output with actual tank geometer, and formats directly as total weight or liquid volume. The system further serves as its own power supply and external excitation source. With level calculations made on the basis of hydrostatic liquid depth pressure, the system measures total product mass for precise material accounting. An intuitive LCD color touch screen displays transmitter outputs and is housed within a corrosion resistant NEMA-rated stainless steel enclosure or flush mounted remote panel.

Featuring its own built-in onboard web server, King-Gage® LP3™ Marine System software is designed for ease of use, providing a high degree of security, with three levels of password data security access for local or remote administrative functions. Network access further extends LP3™ system functionality with remote monitoring and control achievable via Ethernet and digital serial communications ports, or using any standard PC with Internet browser.

The King-Gage® LP3™ Marine System allows a user to simultaneously view inventory levels for up to 24 tanks with dynamic horizontal bar graphs representing percent of full status. A concise listing by tank name, service designation, and current level affords quick status review during loading or refueling. Up to eight graphic tank view representations may be displayed concurrently on each screen. A simple bar graph icon conveys tank level status at a glance, while total volumetric or mass is digitally displayed. Drill down details via the color touch screen allows quick access to details, including engineering unit selections, tank capacity and communications status. Configuration settings are readily visible from each tank detail screen. Display of King-Gage® LP3™ Marine System configurations are stored in Flash memory, while application data is further isolated within a non-volatile RAM data page. LP3™ can also receive tank level data from remote King-Gage® LP2 digital indicators via a RS485 serial port. The two-wire multi-drop communications scheme provides local readout with less cabling, making the system ideal for use in engine room environments.

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