Pressure Regulator with Low-Pressure Cutoff

Product Announcement from Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Pressure Regulator with Low-Pressure Cutoff -Image

The BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation (, a member of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies, has introduced the Type P143, a versatile, direct operating spring loaded pressure regulator, designed to provide high-accuracy natural gas, air, pro­pane and general purpose gas pressure regulation within commercial, residential, and light industrial burners and unit heaters.

Available in 3/4", 1", or 1-1/4" pipe sizes, design of the Marsh Bellofram Type P143 incorporates a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body with a lightweight aluminum bonnet, for a rugged regulator which offers precise pressure control and outstanding performance over an operating temperature range of -20˚F to +150˚F. Units also offer internal relief to reduce internal pipe stresses, with an available low-pressure cutoff version. The Type P143 may be used with a wide range of gaseous fluids, including air, natural gas and propane, and may also be used as a low-pressure regulator. Their compact, lightweight design, weighing just 5.6 lbs, and industry standard connector and housing nut allows them to be installed in numerous positions, with easy field adjustments. For more information about the Type P143 direct operating spring loaded pressure regulator or other pressure regulator products available from the BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram, visit

About the Marsh Bellofram BelGAS division:
With more than 40 years of proven market experience, the BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram is a global leader in the design and manufacture of both high- and low-pressure, general purpose gas regulators, back pressure relief regulators, flow controllers, manifold systems, instrument air regulators, gauge thermometers, thermowells, needle valves and electronic products for oil, gas and petrochemical (pipeline); industrial plant air and gas regulation; and general industrial pressure and flow monitoring applications. All BelGAS products are renowned for their high quality, accuracy and dependability within critical applications.