2-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Featured Product from Massa Products Corporation

Loop95 has been field proven extensively for fertilizer and chemical tank monitoring and is self-contained in a full PVDF housing. The newest release in the PulStar® Series it operates -30°C to 65°C and is temperature compensated.  For level monitoring and continuous level control or distance measurement the Loop95 provides a simple to use and install, fully programmable, non-contact sensor that’s economical to implement.  Loop95 is feature rich and includes no-false echoes signal processing for reliable and simple user set-up programmability.  Compare it to other transmitter options and confirm it is the best-in-class performance / price point.  Loop-95 is made in America and uses durable MassaSonic® transducers not offshore knock-offs with lesser reliability.

MassaSonic® sensors are backed by superior transducer technology and materials of construction that make them rugged and reliable for all applications. If quality and customer application support are important then check out the Loop-95.  Massa has application support engineers ready to assist with your system integration.  Detect the Difference, come on over for a visit to learn more about our innovative and cost efficient PulStar® product models.  Or reach us directly at sensors@massa.com | 781.749.4800