PulStar Series Sensors

Featured Product from Massa Products Corporation

MassaSonic PulStar Series Ultrasonic Sensors are ruggedly designed transmitting modules that provide reliable continuous level or distance measurement of fluids, pastes, or solid bulk materials. PulStar Sensors accurately operate at application ranges from 4 inches (100 mm) to 20 feet (6 m).

Incorporating state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and processing algorithms, all PulStar models provide precision non-contact distance measurement for applications such as factory automation, process control, tank level monitoring, or object detection applications. False echoes due to structure interference are not a problem because of advanced processing algorithms. The PulStar and PulStar Plus are the next generation improvements to Massa's Legacy M-300 and M-320 product lines, and are completely backward compatible with existing M-300/M-320 installations and software. The NEW PulStar TTL Sensors are designed for easy electronic and mechanical interface to the control system of an OEM system integrator. These rugged Sensors are RoHS compliant, IP68 rated, and available in three versions.