SonAire Wireless Level Sensor - For Remote Areas

Featured Product from Massa Products Corporation

MassaSonic® ultrasonic transmitters, air and underwater transducers have proven themselves field reliable for 70 years.  The self-contained SonAire® model is rugged and has a chemical resistant housing design that delivers reliability and accurate measurement results.  For level monitoring and continuous level control or distance measurement the SonAire 95 provides a simple to use and install non contact sensor with easy to use NPT fitting or bracket mounting.  Compare it to other mid range transmitters and confirm what Massa knows - It is the best-in-class. The SonAire family feature a range of general use and C1D1 devices for all ranges to 35 ft (10.7m)

SonAire is IP67 rated and features internal temperature compensation for precise measurement over operating ranges of -30°C to 70°C.  Capable of use in high pressure wash-down environments. The transmitter allows for programmable data acquisition periods and a data save option to optimize batter life. Typical battery life is 4 years.  User friendly set-up and programing is part of the cost effective package along with diagnostic and monitoring outputs.

MassaSonic sensors are backed by superior transducer technology and materials of construction that make them rugged and reliable for all applications. Massa has application support engineers ready to assist with your system integration.  Detect the Difference, come on over for a visit to learn more about our innovative and cost efficient SonAire product models including the SonAire M3is 95!  Or reach us directly at | 781.749.4800