Transducers & Deep Water Transponders

Featured Product from Massa Products Corporation

MassaSonic® underwater transducer technology gained notoriety for outstanding performance, quality and reliability in the 1940’s and the company was awarded a letter of commendation by the U.S. Navy.  Since then the business has been a supplier to world recognized oceanographic research facilities, commercial geo survey companies in the oil & gas sectors, and makers of UAV’s.  Massa’s proprietary designs make it among just a few companies in the world able to deliver production output of off-the-shelf designs intended for use in demanding deep water applications.

The TR1075 for bottom profiling, is available in 4 models with options for tuning circuits, impedance match, duty cycle and frequency.  TR1055 for transponder beacons and communications is offered in 3 configurations with the TR1055F being the most popular and considered a drop in for some ITC models no longer available.  Massa also offers side scan transducers, underwater sound standards, and general purpose hydrophones.  Massa Products is internationally recognized as a technology innovator and manufacturing leader in underwater transducer and sonar technology.  

Massa underwater transducers, ultrasonic sensors, and air transducers have proven themselves field reliable for 70 years.  The compact ultrasonic sensor families include Pulsar® capable of ranging 4”(100mm) to 20’(6m) in chemically harsh environments, FlatPack® for constrained headroom mount applications and turbulent or uneven solid surface materials up to 13’4m) and SonAire® wireless for C1D1 zone zero hazard zones or general purpose up to 35’ (11m).

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