Maxim Evaporators is now Maxim Watermakers

Product Announcement from Maxim Watermakers

Maxim Evaporators is now Maxim Watermakers-Image

Company officials announced that Maxim Evaporators has changed its name to Maxim Watermakers. 

"Maxim's legacy has and continues to be the development of technologies that meet the needs of the desalination industry.  Maxim is not just evaporators anymore.  To better serve our clients, we have expanded our product lines to include reverse osmosis desalination systems, waste water concentrators, and thermal distillation cleaning solutions." according to Brian Hebert, Maxim's President.

Maxim continues to offer energy efficient, environmentally friendly heat recovery evaporators with water production capacities ranging from 192 GPD to 15,000 GPD.  The Sterling Series, our line of seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems, provide fresh water capacities from 1,000 GPD to 6,000 GPD.  For more information on all of our product lines, please visit our website at  

For additional information about Maxim, contact Monica Rogers at 318-629-2460 or at  For product information, please contact Lucky Rich at 318-629-2460 or at