SMARTLINK™ MRV Electronic Ratio Valves

Product Announcement from Maxon - A Honeywell Company

SMARTLINK™ MRV Electronic Ratio Valves-Image

Today's higher fuel prices demand better burner control to reduce operating costs and minimize emissions. SMARTLINK™ MRV Electronic Ratio Valves provide the advanced ratio control through a high degree of precision, repeatability and durability that combustion systems require and more. An electronic parallel positioning system for air/fuel ratio control, SMARTLINK™ MRV is the industry standard when operational reliability and precision are required.

The complete SMARTLINK™ system includes up to four electronic ratio valves and a Control Interface Unit to electronically link the valves to your process controller. Each valve is continuous duty and fully adjustable to 0.1 degree accuracy to provide dynamic control of burner ratios for optimal performance.

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