OMNIAlog Universal Data logger 16 Analog Input

Product Announcement from Next Industries S.r.L

OMNIAlog Universal Data logger 16 Analog Input-Image

OMNIAlog is the perfect solution if you need to monitor at the same time machines/plants/sites which are located far from each other. Every datalogger (1 for every acquisition point) shows data by means of a webportal, to which many users with different key-accesses can link. To summarize: 1 webportal compatible with all browsers, protected access, administrator user interface, guest user interface, interactive icons possibility to customize software and graphics.


• 2 GB internal memory and real time data
• Available GPRS version
• 0,01% F.S. Accuracy
• 8/16 differential analog channels
• Expandable up to 384 channels
• Ethernet, RS485, RS232 and USB connections
• Available Measures: mV, mA, mV/V, PT100, NTC
• Thermocouples

OMNIAlog is a perfect datalogger able to communicate to all devices now on the market thanks to its LAN, USB and RS232/485 connections, which make the device easy to use and usable everywhere precise measurements are needed. OMNIAlog is provided with Modbus RTU communication protocol to provide easy interaction among devices both local and remote, and SCADA systems

OMNIAlog can work both stand alone and in network together with other dataloggers or devices. The integrated webserver lets easily export data on pc, laptop or save them directly on a ftp server in order to share them everywhere

Very few dataloggers now on the market can be equal to OMNIAlog for its high performances (resolution, accuracy, environment range -30°C +70°C).

Do you need more space to storage data? OMNIAlog has got an internal 2 GB memory, where you can save data for years. Collected data are ready to be imported in common application files like Excel to be processed. Data can also be saved on pc in .csv format.

Temperature, voltage, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges, frequency, digital, serial and calculated measurements can all be scaled, logged and returned in engineering units or within statistical reporting.