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The McElroy family of TracStar®iSeries machines revamp how the fusion operator interacts with and controls the equipment. Hydraulic valves and knobs found on legacy machines have been upgraded to new smart keypads. By integrating new software controllers throughout the carriage and vehicle, these keypads will light up in sequence to help guide users through necessary actions. At a glance, green lights encircling the buttons give operators the visual cue of which functions to engage next in the sequence. When carriage lock-out is necessary, all buttons turn red to signal that the carriage is not engaged and the machine can be safely accessed.

Along with new keypads, electronic paddle levers have replaced hydraulic levers to move the carriage, indexer, and vehicle. These allow the most precise movements and better machine control. To maintain user familiarity and comfort, all paddles and keypads are located in the same location as previous models.

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