Pipe Butt Fusion Machine -- Pit Bull® 250

Featured Product from McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.

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McElroy 250 machines come in multiple configurations to ensure your pipe fusion needs are covered. The 250 machines butt fuse pipe sizes from 63mm to 250mm (2" IPS to 8" DIPS). The Pit Bull® 250 is used for special applications where the Rolling 250 or TracStar® 250 is not needed. All McElroy 250 machines incorporate a 4-jaw carriage that can be converted to a 3-jaw carriage to become an even more compact fusion unit. Also available is a Pit Bull 250 Combination Unit (CU) that allows fusion of branch saddles with a maximum base diameter of 9.63" onto any size main. overview

• Compact fusion unit for special applications

• DataLogger® compatible • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) sold separately

• Available in a Combination Unit (CU) for sidewall fusion