Perforated Metal Enclosures/ Cabinetry

Product Announcement from McKey Perforating Company, Inc.

Perforated Metal Enclosures/ Cabinetry-Image

McKey Perforating Company's versatility is your 'key' to product consistency. From design concept to delivery, McKey offers the resources and manufacturing expertise necessary to meet your metal enclusure and cabinetry needs.

  • McKey's talented, in-house engineering group will team with your designers to ensure accurate perforations and product reliability before production begins.
  • Carefully maintained CNC equipment and Computerized Sectional Presses offer low-cost tooling in response to short-runs and prototyping for metal enclosures and cabinetry.
  • Over 12 production presses handle widths to 60" and capacities to 450 tons.
  • Tight tolerances on leveled and sheared panels or sheets; consistent, superior hole quality; accurate positioning of patterns, and superior surface condition are what you will receive from McKey.
  • Forming, lasering and other in-house secondary operations provide more fully completed, cost effective components including metal enclosures.
  • Ordering options include "J-I-T" and "Hold for Release" programs for electronic/computer and other markets.