TSYS01 Digital Temperature Sensor

Product Announcement from Measurement Specialties, Inc. - Precision Inertial Products & Systems

TSYS01 Digital Temperature Sensor-Image

Description: The TSYS01 is a single chip, versatile, new technology temperature sensor. The TSYS01 provides factory calibrated temperature information. It includes a temperature sensing chip and a 24 bit ΔΣ-ADC. The essence of the digital 24 bit temperature value and the internal factory set calibration values lead to highly accurate temperature information accompanied by high measurement resolution. The TSYS01 can be interfaced to any microcontroller by an I2C or SPI interface. This microcontroller has to calculate the temperature result based on the ADC values and the calibration parameters. The basic working principle is: • Converting temperature into digital 16/24 bit ADC value • Providing calibration coefficients • Providing ADC value and calibration coefficients by SPI or I2C interface.


  • High Accuracy ±0.1°C @ Temp.: -5°C … +50°C
  • Adjustment of high accuracy temp. range on request
  • Low Current, <12.5 μA (standby < 0.14 μA)
  • SPI / I2C Interface Small Package: QFN16
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C … +125°C