Mini High-Sensitivity MEMS Pressure Sensors

Product Announcement from Meggitt Sensing Systems - Measurement Group

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has announced the availability of the Endevco® 8540 series, a family of highly rugged, miniature high-sensitivity piezoresistive absolute pressure transducers. Their excellent linearity and very high resonance makes them ideal for measuring static or dynamic pressure within a variety of higher temperature applications.

Endevco® 8540 series transducers employ piezoresistive MEMS technology housed in a rugged stainless steel case for maximum sensitivity and wide frequency response, and with an industry-exclusive full scale output to 300 mV. Internal sensitivity compensation and zero trim provide accuracy to +260°C (+500°F) with diminished lifetime operations in temperatures up to +316°C (+600°F). In addition, this transducer series exhibits low photo-flash sensitivity and high stability during temperature transients. Available in ranges from 15 to 500 psia, the 8540 series features a small (3.8 mm; 0.15 inch) face diameter, which facilitates flush mounting for skin pressure measurements on aircraft; inlet distortion pressures in turbine engines; or transmission pressures in automobiles. The transducer's high frequency response enables it to be used on small wind tunnels scale models, as well as within rocket, jet engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) monitoring applications.

Transducers are supplied with integral cable. Recommended accessories for use with the Endevco 8540 series include the new model 4990a (Oasis), as well as model 136 three-channel system or model 4430A signal conditioner. For detailed specifications, drawings or technical assistance for the Endevco® 8540 series or other products available from Meggitt Sensing Systems, visit

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