Vibration Transmitter... displacement monitoring

Product Announcement from Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Meggitt Sensing Systems, the makers of Wilcoxon Research accelerometers, which lead the industry in quality and reliability, has developed a vibration transmitter with displacement output. The displacement 4-20 mA output signal has a maximum full scale output available of 100 mils (0.100 inches).

The iT230 is ideal for cost effective, online monitoring of case vibrations of machinery. Many users prefer vibration information in terms of displacement to compare to historic data, and some manufacturers also specify case vibration maximums this way. The iT230 makes it possible to mount a velocity sensor, such as Meggitt's Wilcoxon Research 793V or 797V, to the bearing case and obtain machine vibration information in terms of displacement. The iT230 converts vibration sensor signals to proportional 4-20 mA output for use in existing PLC/DCS / SCADA networks. Raw velocity vibration data is also available from a BNC connector on the front of the DIN-rail mounted module for use with portable vibration analyzers.

The advantage of the iT230 is that it measures displacement without a proximity probe. Proximity probes are expensive and installation requires a precision hole drilled directly into the bearing housing. Using a velocity sensor and Intelligent Transmitter instead saves money and greatly simplifies installation, compared to a proximity probe. Although this is not the same measurement as with a proximity probe, it provides useful bearing cap displacement measurements.

The Wilcoxon Reserach iT230 is the latest release in Meggitt's popular Intelligent Transmitter Series of signal-conditioning modules that make online vibration monitoring available for less. The iT230 outputs 4-20 mA data in terms of rms, peak, true peak, and true peak-to-peak. Full scale displacements of 10 mils, 20 mils, 25 mils, and 100 mils are available, and can also be ordered in metric units. The options available for the iT230 exemplify the customizable nature of the iT Series.

The iT Series allows maintenance professionals to create a custom vibration monitoring center. Each iT Transmitter is custom-built to user specifications, including measurement of acceleration, velocity or displacement; a selectable full scale that can be specified in standard or metric units; and custom frequency banding to meet specific requirements based upon their intended use. The programmed frequency band has a 2-pole high-pass filter and an 8-pole low-pass filter, operates at superior low-noise performance, and measures sensor BOV to monitor sensor performance.

The iT Series also includes the iT Alarm with three programmable relays to monitor set point limits. Alone or in conjunction with a PLC, DCS or SCADA system, the iT Alarm provides immediate notification if a machine's vibrations exceed acceptable levels. The iT Communications Module greatly simplifies data acquisition and analysis by sending digital vibration data directly to any computer with an RS232 serial port. Using Wilcoxon's free VibeLink™ software, economical online monitoring is available from any desktop.

To purchase an iT230 or for more information on Meggitt's iT Series, or the pledge of Total Lower Cost (TLC) of Ownership, visit, call 1-800-WILCOXON, or send an email to