6 Volt Lantern Battery Replacement Using D Cells

Product Announcement from Memory Protection Devices, Inc.

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. introduces a battery holder, model number BA4D-S, to replace 6 volt lantern batteries using 4 standard UM-1 or "D" size batteries. This battery holder is a direct substitute for batteries meeting ANSI No. 908 as well as many manufacturers model numbers meeting the standards.

Some batteries are expensive and difficult to find, which is why MPD has developed battery replacements for such kinds of batteries. A battery replacement is simply a battery holder in the shape of the battery it replaces, and it fits standard sizes of batteries in order to match the electrical profile of the battery type it replaces. This makes for cheaper and easier battery changes, especially in emergency situations when rarer types of batteries will be even more difficult to find.

Made of high impact plastic and nickel plated spring steel hardware the holder can be used in portable applications like Flashlights, Barricade warning lights, UV lamps, Wildlife Feeders, Corrosion control equipment.