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Product Announcement from Mencom Corporation

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One of the biggest challenges that every manufacturer struggle with is how to prevent downtime or outage caused by connection failure. Abusive manufacturing environments with extreme conditions are where these issues are most likely to take place. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose and locate the exact problem of the failure because of its complex installation or location. Short and repetitive downtime with constant replacement is usually caused by cable failures and can be prevented by installing proper cables equipped with extra protection.

In most cases the downtime is usually caused by one of following conditions:

 Physical failure by repetitive impacts and abrasion with loaded components

  • Damage by high pressure wash-down and cleaning chemical 
  • Damage by extreme temperature
  • Weld Slag

 The Mencom Armored Cables are designed to prevent failure from such common causes above. The cables feature a stainless steel coupling nut and stainless steel armor jacket which prevent water damage from high pressure washdown, cleaning chemicals and extreme temperature. A silicone tube-covered jacket prevents physical failure by repetitive impacts and abrasion with loaded components as well as protecting the cable from weld slag. A thermoplastic elastomer jacket protects the cable from cleaning chemical. They are available in the M12 connector and MIN(7/8 inch) connector.  Custom solutions including wiring and custom pin counts are also available.

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