The Veloce® with Codelink™

Featured Product from Mentor, a Siemens Business

Codelink works much in the same way as the latest generation of digital video recording (DVR) devices. During functional simulation or emulation, Codelink's advanced tracing technology automatically captures and compresses all of the important activity inside a design's processors. Verification engineers can "playback" the simulation or emulation run with features such as fast forward, rewind, replay, pause, slow motion, zoom-in, single step, and pan.

Everything is fully synchronized and easily viewed, including logic simulation waveforms, processor states, source code, internal memory, registers, stacks, and output. Codelink then presents only the important information needed to quickly debug software-driven tests.

As a result, companies using Codelink have been able to reduce their system-level debugging from months to days. Complex failures can now be diagnosed within a single, multi-view debugging environment. Without Codelink, such failures require extensive analysis of multiple files and databases.

Evolutionary Steps

Revolutionary results are not enough. New technology must fit into existing processes and flows. Codelink is tightly integrated with the Questa® simulator and Veloce® emulator. Codelink is non-invasive, working on existing processor-driven tests while requiring no modification what-so-ever to existing verification environments.

Typical Applications

Codelink is an excellent choice for designs containing one or more embedded processor. When tests are compiled and loaded into system memory for processor execution, Codelink greatly simplifies the debugging process. If you're looking to load and execute even more software-including boot code, application code, or just a lot more tests-Codelink Turbo speeds up your simulation with instruction-accurate processor simulation and proprietary hot-swapping technology.