Harsh Media Pressure Sensor

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The HM Series was designed for harsh-media applications from low to medium pressure.

Pressure 15 to 500 psi (1 to 34.5 bar; 103 to 3,447 KPa)
Temperature -40 to 150 °C
Configuration Absolute, pressurized from the cavity side
Media Air and gases and liquids that are compatible with silicon and glass
Shipping Wafers on tape
Flexibility Sensitivity, resistance, bridge, constraint, etc.
Qualification AEC-Q100
Performance Enjoy best-in-class performance due to Merit’s proprietary Sentium technology
Cost Save money over time with high-performing die
Security Feel confident doing business with an experienced company backed by a solid parent company (NASDAQ: MMSI)
Speed Get to market quickly with creative and flexible solutions.
Service Experience prompt, personal and professional support.

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Merit Sensor
Merit Sensor designs and manufactures MEMS pressure sensors for various industries, including medical, industrial, and automotive. Our products range from 0 to 15,000 psi and operate from -40 to 150°C with high accuracy and reliability. We specialize in understanding our customers' unique applications and in developing custom pressure-sensing solutions to help these customers succeed in their industries. We have direct customers and also distributors worldwide.

The pressure transducers that we manufacture, as well as the piezoresistive silicon sensing elements, are all produced in our on-site wafer fab and assembly areas in South Jordan, Utah.

We have been vertically integrated with Merit Medical Systems, Inc. since 1999.