Product Announcement from Merryweather Foam, Inc.


PIPE INSULATION-Do you have an insulation need? Merryweather Foam offers flexible, polyolefin, thermal insulation. It is used to retard heat gain and prevent condensation or frost formation on cold water plumbing, chilled water and air-conditioning lines. Pipe insulation also retards heat loss on heat water plumbing.

General Information Flexible, closed cell polyolefin insulation for piping systems. Superior 'R' value and water vapor transmission. No residual chlorine from foaming agent eliminates insulation as source of harmful corrosive constituents. New zero ozone depletion manufacturing process.

Pipe Insulation: Superior pressure sensitive adhesive seam closure system

Installation over a wide temperature range

Greater joint strength at all operating temperatures

Up to 50% reduction in installation costs over conventional commercial pipe insulation products

- Available in six foot lengths - Sizes 3/8" ID through 4-1/2" ID - Wall thicknesses of 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" - Supplied in white - same features as NOMALOCK

Features & Benefits Meets ASTM C 1427 Flame spread rating of not greater than 25 and a smoke density rating of not greater than 50 when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84 Free of Environmentally Hazardous CFCs and HCFCs Non-toxic, non-corrosive, fiber free Water Vapor Transmission Rate of 0.0 perm-in, non-porous Chemically Inert to Most Hydrocarbons and Acids Does not support mold or fungus growth Temperature range of -330°F to +210°F Does not support mold or fungus growth Pressure-Sensitive NOMALOCK Provides User-Friendly Installation Flame and Smoke Rating All NOMACO polyolefin insulation products through 1" thickness meet ASTM E 84 flame spread rating of not greater than 25, and smoke developed rating of not greater than 50.

Applications Chilled water systems Halogen refrigeration systems Ammonia refrigeration systems Glycol refrigeration systems Humidifier piping Plenums and air ducts Condensate drain lines Residential hot & cold water Underground piping Tanks and vessels Cryogenic systems

For high abuse areas, a protective jacketing (PVC) should be used. Coatings do not adhere well to polyolefin insulation.