Product Announcement from Merryweather Foam, Inc.


Merryweather Foam offers three main crosslinked polyethylene product lines: Volara®, Volextra® and Minicel®.

We do whatever it takes to help you solve your challenge. We start by working closely with you to determine your project's specific needs. Often, the solution goes beyond foam selection. we can utilize other related technologies, like steel rule die cutting, rotary cutting, waterjet cutting or lamination of crosslinked, closed-cell foams to a variety of other substrates.

Merryweather Foam offers the following Polyethylene product:

Crosslinked Polyethylene
A closed cell material. A fine celled polyethylene with a smooth surface. It is created through an irradiation process that forces molecular bonds to link that would not normally link during the normal development process of polyethylene. The increased bond strength is what gives the material its fine celled smooth surface. It also makes it more durable and gives it better mechanical properties, as well as making it more aesthetically pleasing and more chemically resistant.

Volara is a fine-celled, irradiation crosslinked foam that offers aesthetic appeal as well as an outstanding range of performance characteristics. Its smooth surface, excellent consistency, gauge control, superior physical and chemical properties, low water absorption and vapor transmission make Volara a versatile, dependable solution for a host of demanding applications.

Typical Volara applications Transportation: door panels, instrument panels, headliners, vacuum-formed components, watershields, gaskets

Tape and Healthcare: operating room and health care devices, transdermal drug delivery, medical tape, industrial tape, flexographic printing, specialized packaging

General Industrial: appliance gaskets, construction, cushion and display packaging, cap seals, military, toys and novelties, sports padding, new technologies