Mersen Achieves High Level of (IDW) Compliance

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NEWBURYPORT, MA (August 19, 2015) - Mersen is pleased to announce that it has achieved 95% compliance or higher for all of our items in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). Mersen's commitment in populating the items' critical fields within IDEA's Data Certification Program helps to set the bar for the level of complete data available in the IDW and positions Mersen as a positive example for others within the industry.

"Mersen is committed to facilitate the exchange of data in an electronic format with our Partners," said Jean-Chris Bertrand, PDM/PIM Project Manager for Mersen. "We are actively working on bringing some major improvements in the way we are creating, managing, sharing and keeping up to date our product attributed data. Reaching this goal is certainly an important mile stone for us."

IDEA's Data Certification Program is designed to measure the item-level completeness and quality of the data available in the IDW. The content within Mersen's compliant items' critical fields will now go through quarterly quality checks to ensure consistency and accuracy, meaning the products are well on their way to becoming certified!

This program was designed to measure the item-level completeness and quality of the data available within the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). It focuses on the population of critical data fields that contain transactional and descriptive product information you need to conduct business and sell our products (e.g. brand, packaging, price effective date, etc.).