Metal Embossed Tags

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Metal Marker Mfg., a manufacturer of custom identification products, including metal tags, nameplates and placards is announcing the addition of a new state of the art variable data embossing machine to add to its embossing capabilities to meet customers' unique identification needs.

Metal embossed tags have characters and numbers that are raised which create a sturdy tag that is readable in harsh environments. Metal embossed tags can be serialized and are great for identification purposes such as asset identification tags. Other applications for metal embossed tags include pole tags, product identification tags, and inventory traceability.

Embossed metal tags can be made of many different materials including:

  • aluminum,
  • stainless steel,
  • cold rolled steel,
  • brass
  • and copper

Metal embossed tags can be made to customer's specifications or Metal Marker can work with customers to develop metal embossed tags to meet their requirements. Metal Marker has the ability to produce metal embossed tags to the size and shape required with their in-house die shop. Plus, Metal Marker can mark metal embossed tags with company logos or any other designs requested. Metal Marker has the capability to efficiently produce both small and large quantities of metal embossed tags.

"The addition of a new state of the art variable data embossing machine increases Metal Marker's embossing capabilities," stated Mike Solarz - Vice President of Metal Marker Mfg. "Metal Marker offers a complete range of embossing solutions - from blank tags for customers that want to add their own information to custom embossed information."

For more information about the custom embossed metal tags offered by Metal Marker Mfg, and to receive a free quote, visit our website or contact us today.


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