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State of the PM Industry in North America - 2023

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Powder Metallurgy (PM) is an advanced manufacturing metal-forming process for producing high-quality net-shape components for a wide variety of applications. The PM process comprises four categories: press and sinter (P&S); metal injection molding (MIM); metal additive manufacturing (AM); and hot or cold isostatic pressing (HIP/CIP). PM’s high material utilization promotes efficient use of raw materials, reduces energy consumption, and improves labor efficiency. These attributes have enabled PM to establish itself firmly in applications for the automotive, electrical, energy, aerospace, medical, defense, industrial, and consumer markets. To continue to grow, the PM industry must respond to the changing needs of existing and potential customers within these markets. Three major challenges that the PM industry faces are sustainability, the electrification of the automobile, and the acceptance of metal AM.  Read more.