Electroless Immersion/Electrolytic Precious Metals

Product Announcement from Metalor Technologies USA Corporation

Electroless Immersion/Electrolytic Precious Metals-Image

Metalor Technologies USA provides a wide variety of gold

processes for the semiconductor industry. Broadly speaking,

the offerings can be consolidated under the following


• Immersion gold systems

• Electroless or autocatalytic gold and palladium systems

• Electrolytic gold systems

• Commodity components

We are the worldwide market leader in precious metals for

the semiconductor industry.

Immersion gold – Supermex 200 Series

Excellent complement to standard electroless nickel

deposits. Processes are ready-to-use, cyanide-free,

with a pH of 7.0 and low gold consumption. Deposits


are 99.99%.

Information on cyanide-based immersion processes is

available upon request.

Electroless gold – Supermex 800 Series

This cyanide-free plating solution is suitable for thick and

uniform plating of fine and complicated patterns. Features

of the processes are neutral pH, high plating speed and

long bath life (with suitable replenishment).

Noble metals (Pt, Pd, Rh and Au) can be plated directly.

Base metals need to be catalyzed by standard methods

(cyanide or cyanide-free immersion gold).

Electroless palladium – Pallamex 800

This replenishable, weakly acidic, cyanide-free process is

suitable for putting down a solderable, corrosion-resistant

layer of pure palladium on nickel where a photo resist is

applied and to reduce the overall thickness of wire-bondable

gold. Further details are available upon request.