Excellence Melting Point Systems

Product Announcement from Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

Excellence Melting Point Systems -Image

Simple, Efficient and Video Supported
You are definitely on the safe side with the innovative METTLER TOLEDO Melting Point Systems. Determine the melting point and melting range very accurately. The automatic transmitted light measurement and synchronized visual camera observations in reflected light mode guarantee reliable results. Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 samples and the short heating and cooling times - a product of the closed furnace principle - allow you to run multiple measurements in parallel.

Melting point determination was never so simple. Every instrument is fitted with One Click™ short cut key system allowing an individually stored measurement program to be started with a single press on the color touch screen. All instruments conform to the Pharmacopeia and other common norms. A further available option is the IQ/OQ documentation. Installation according to IQ/OQ can be supplied on request by METTLER TOLEDO Service.

One Click™ and superior ergonomics – quick to learn, easy to operate
Easy playback of high-resolution color videos – offers maximum security
Simultaneous measurements of up to 6 samples – increases productivity
Compliant to standards – ensures trustworthy results

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