High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Product Announcement from Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter-Image

The HP DSC 1 is a state-of-the-art high pressure DSC. This instrument allows you to measure samples under precisely defined atmospheres at overpressures of up to 10 MPa as a function of temperature and time.

The new HP DSC 1 cell is based on the successful Thermal Analysis Excellence DSC 1 technology and guarantees outstanding performance thanks to its FRS5 and HSS7 DSC sensors. Feature and Benefits:

  • Shorter analysis times – higher pressure and temperature accelerate reactions
  • Measurements under process conditions – simulation of practical reaction environments
  • Better interpretation – effects can be separated by suppressing vaporization
  • Suppresses and delays vaporization – separation of a reaction from overlapping vaporization
  • Higher gas concentrations – reaction rate of heterogeneous reactions with gases is increased
  • Measurements under special atmospheres – oxidative, oxygen-free conditions or measurements with toxic or combustible gases are possible
  • Robust sensor with high resolution and outstanding sensitivity – measurement of very weak effects as well as excellent temperature resolution of close-lying effects

Specifications - HP DSC 1 - High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Temperature range: 22 ... 500 °C / 700 °C

Sensor: FRS5 with 56 thermocouples, HSS7 with 120 thermocouples

Pressure range: 0 ... 10 MPa (overpressure)