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4 key areas to check for wear in Journal Bearings

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During inspection, four key areas should be checked for wear:

  1. Check the babbitted surface of the pivoting journal shoe. Replace any shoe with scored or deeply scratched babbitted faces or signs of wear. Lightly scrape with a sharp scrapper if no wear is detected. Replace temperature detectors showing wear in the wire coverings.
  2. Inspect the bore of the seal rings. Replace rings with oversize bore diameter. Check for nicked edges, deep scratches, or scoring on the bore and face before re-installing. Polish if burrs or raised edges are present.
  3. Inspect the pivoting surface of the journal shoe and seat in the retaining ring for scratches, scoring, or erosion. Polish if necessary. Carefully re-assemble bearing halves, ensuring correct orientation and match-marked journal shoes.
  4. Check the running diametral clearance and replace the bearing if it exceeds the maximum design clearance. Disassemble the bearing to separate upper and lower halves.

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