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Miba - making your journey safe and pleasant

Featured Product from Miba Industrial Bearings

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No matter if you’re travelling by car, train or plane: Miba technologies contribute to making your journey safe and pleasant.

Just to name a few highlights:
?? By maximizing material utilization, the #powdermetallurgy solutions from Miba Sinter Group allow engines with reduced weight, resulting in increased #efficiency and #fueleconomy.
? In many single-aisle aircraft, Miba-knowhow contributes to a reduction in fuel consumption, noise and #co2emissions. The gears in the gearbox of the turbines are coated using the sputter technology. The properties achieved as a result contribute to lower installation space requirements and higher efficiency.
?? And also high-speed trains rely on Miba technology in their braking systems: with their robustness, weather resistance and noise insulation, our high-performance #frictionmaterials ensure safe and quiet trains even at speeds of 300 kph and more.