Ambient T-Style Air Cleaner MXT7000

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MXT7000 Specification Sheet
MXT7000 Owner Manual
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Ambient Capture of Process Dusts Generated in Manufacturing processes:

  • Welding Smoke & Fumes
  • Grinding / Sanding / Polishing
  • Metalworking
  • Composites
  • Other Nuisance Dusts Generated in Industrial Processes

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Ambient Air Cleaning Systems
Ambient capture is a good way to capture pollutants and keep plant air below OSHA and NIOSH PEL limits. In basic terms, we filter your plant air in problem areas to achieve desired air changes per hour based on application and pollutant levels. This can be a very cost effective way to provide clean, safe air to plant employees, while eliminating the need to exhaust expensive heated or cooled air outside. Micro Air's network of Engineered Systems Distributors are trained in all aspects of industrial ventilation and offer, product expertise, sizing, layout, etc. assistance.

Micro Air's launch of the MXT series T-style ambient air cleaners provides yet another option for collecting harmful particulate generated in industrial processes such as welding, grinding, sanding, metalworking, composites etc.  These powerful collectors, draw contaminated air in from the inlets at each end of the collector.  The particulate then passes through up to 3 levels of filtration, and exhausts "Breathe Easy" clean safe air into the facility, all while eliminating the need to exhaust conditioned air outdoors.  

The MXT lineup of ambient collectors features and options include:

  • T-Shaped design - dual inlets, one at each end with single center exhaust
  • 4" pleated pre-filter
  • Optional Merv 8 scrim pre-filter - filter-saver option
  • Adjustable 4-way exhaust grille
  • No ducting required
  • Optional magnehelic gauge
  • CFM rating up to 7,000 CFM
  • Quiet operation
  • Multiple mounting options
  • MXT5000 and MXT7000 available in either horizontal or vertical configuration


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Since 1969, Micro Air® has provided top quality dust collection equipment, industrial air cleaners, accessories, and filters, for the commercial and industrial manufacturing sectors. Micro Air® Dust Collectors, Industrial air cleaners, Source Capture Arms, MISTMAX™ mist collectors, HYDROMAX™ wet collectors, and the new FORCE™ Dust Collectors are used to capture and remove indoor pollutants found in a multitude of industrial processes such as welding or cutting smoke & fumes, dust generated in blasting, grinding, sanding, polishing, or mixing processes, or odors and coolant mist. Micro Air® ultimately provides a clean, safe workplace environment, maximizing productivity and efficiencies.

Not only does Micro Air offer the broadest product offering, we support those products with an excellent service and support network, from our internal sales, support, manufacturing and engineering staff, to a second-to-none network of factory-trained Engineered Systems can rely on Micro Air to provide you with simply the best environmental equipment on the market today, at reasonable prices, excellent lead times to ship, and unsurpassed support before, during and after the sale.

Why rely on Micro Air for your Clean Air Needs?

•Full Product Line Offering
•Superior Performance
•Long-Term Value
•Reliability - proven track record
•Unsurpassed Customer Support System
•Full Line of Ancillary Products ranging from fans, rotary valves, Intelli-Touch™ Energy Savings Controls, After-filters etc.
•Safety Options ie. Spark Arrestors, Safety Filters, Explosion Vents, Abort Gates, Backblast Dampers etc. all components required for OSHA/NFPA Combustible Dust Compliance

Count on Micro Air for Better Products, Better Service, Ultimate SATISFACTION!