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Micro Air's® EXTREME AIR-MAX Downdraft Tables provide a modular, portable and adjustable downdraft work surface ideal for capturing harmful contaminants generated in welding, grinding, soldering, sanding, polishing and many other industrial processes. They offer the flexibility to configure a worktable to exactly meet application needs, space, and worker preference.  XA-MAX Downdraft Tables draw contaminants away from worker vision and breathing zones, increasing work quality and decreasing air quality hazards to workers and equipment in surrounding areas.

Exclusive to MICRO AIR EXTREME AIR-MAX tables is our ROTO-PULSE® cartridge cleaning system that provides for 30-40% better cleaning of the cartridges, therefore extending filter life.  Air is pulsed into a specially designed aluminum rotating tube equipped with pre-drilled holes.  As the air entersthis tube, the force of the pulse causes the tube to rotate.  As the tube spins, air exits the pre-drilled holes resulting in air hitting the entire inside lenth of the cartridge, pulsing dirt particles away from the filter and into the dust collection drawer, for a much more efficient cleaning cycle and increased filter life.

Standard Features:

  • 250 FPM Velocities across the work surface - 1,200 - 6.000 CFM
  • Baffle Spark Arrestance
  • Fire Retardant Cartridge Filters
  • Roto-Pulse® Filter Cleaning System
  • Ergonomic Front Overhang
  • Hinged Filter Door with Easy Open Latches for Quick Filter Change-Out
  • Factory Pre-Wired Electrics
  • Easy Open, High Capacity Dust Collection Tray
  • Perforated Metal Work Surface
  • Mini-Helic Filter Gauge


  • Back and Side Shields with Hinged Wing Walls
  • Soft-Touch Mat on Perforated Metal Work Surface
  • Industrial Casters / Levelling Legs
  • Multiple Cartridge Media options to fit specific applications
  • Dust Proof 24" LED Light Fixture
  • Manual Pulse or Auto-Pulse Cartridge Cleaning System
  • Silencer
  • 99.97% HEPA After-Filter


  • Dust, fumes and smoke from welding, sanding, grinding, polishing, finishing, deburring, mixing, filling, buffing and soldering operations
  • Composites, Fiberglass, Metals, Plastics, Powders and Wood