MICRO AIR Industrial Clean Air Booth - CAB

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MICRO AIR® - self-contained, ductless Clean Air Booth maximizes manufacturing flexibility while protecting workers from the airborne contaminants generated in industrial operations such as welding, grinding, sanding, finishing, etc., as well as providing for a clean, safe manufacturing space.  Options for built-in regain air systems optimize cleaning efficiencies by increasing airflow velocities, bringing air from the back of the booth to the front, and returning it to the inlet grille, thus effectively washing the worker's breathing and vision zones.  Micro Air's proprietary Roto-Pulse® system. a standard feature built into every CAB module, offers quiet cartridge cleaning power, effectively cleaning the full cartridge surface, while extending filter life and lowering facility maintenance costs.   Modular construction provides for flexibility and portability when manufacturing space layouts change.  See our full line of environmental booths at https://www.microaironline.com/products/clean_air_booths.php