TM 1000 TaskMaster-Portable Dust collector

Featured Product from Micro Air

The TM 1000 TaskMaster offers shop and plant air cleaning versatility unlike any other portable on the market, eliminating the need to buy a different air cleaner for each application or work area.

Quick Change Versatility
Now you can have the versatility to clean the air all around your shop with just one power source, and the "lift off" attachment best suited for the job. Attachments can be changed quickly and easily, no tools required.

Broad Choice of Attachments
Select only the attachments that fit your applications. When conditions change, no need to buy another air cleaner, just add an attachment. Maximum versatility ensures maximum return on your investment.

Low Power Requirements
The TM 1000 can be used anywhere 120v single phase electricity is available. Just plug it in, no special wiring needed.

High Capacity Cleaning
New highly efficient high-capacity motor-blower assembly provides 1,000 cfm of maximum performance in a very compact, portable power unit. The TM 1000 simply offers more cleaning capacity than other units similar in size.

Compact Design
The power unit is contained within a trim 25 1/2" x 32 1/2" footprint, so it can be maneuvered in tight areas where limited access is available. The TM 1000 is ideal for maintenance and source capture applications where temporary pollution control is required.

Dual Self-Cleaning Cartridges
Exclusive Roto-Pulse™ high efficiency cartridge cleaning system assures that cartridges clean your air at top efficiency.

Wide Range of Filter Options
Choose the filter options that meet your needs: HO Spunbound; 99.97% HEPA afterfilter to control minute particulate; activated charcoal modules to control odor. similar in size.