Wet Downdraft Tables

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WCDDT2430 Technical Specifications WCDDT2430 Technical Specifications
WCDDT4830 Technical Specifications WCDDT4830 Technical Specifications
WCDDT7230 Technical Specifications WCDDT7230 Technical Specifications

UL Listed Electrical System
Up to 1000 CFM
All Stainless Steel Construction with Marine Grade Black Epoxy Finish.
2 HP Washdown TEFC motor with stainless steel blower.
NEMA 4 control panel with visual heads-up display and integral motor controls including panel mounted start/stop pushbuttons.
Integrated automatic fill control valve actuated based on digital static pressure inputs.
Equipment Interlock: HYDROMAX comes standard with a low level shut-off relay and motor run relay to interlock with dust produc-ing equipment.
Sump overflow visual alarm that shuts unit down.
Standard auto-fill valve and interlocking control panel shown. Features built-in pre-wired controls.

Powered Sump Vent Blower
WCDDT2430 Downdraft Table
HEPA Afterfilter
Exhaust Silencer


Downdraft Tables
Watch>>>MICRO AIR XA23M Downdraft Table Video
Micro Air's® EXTREME AIR-MAX Downdraft Tables or the line of ducted dry or wet tables, provide a modular, portable and adjustable downdraft work surface ideal for welding, grinding, soldering, sanding and other finishing processes. They offer the flexibility to configure a worktable to exactly meet application needs, space, and worker preference.

Downdraft Tables draw contaminants away from worker vision and breathing zones, increasing work quality and decreasing air quality hazards to workers in surrounding areas. Tables can be configured with a variety of options to fit individual needs. So whether you're looking for a self-contained table, or one to be ducted to other equipment, Micro Air® provides the unit to address your particular needs.


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Since 1969, Micro Air® has provided top quality dust collection equipment, industrial air cleaners, accessories, and filters, for the commercial and industrial manufacturing sectors. Micro Air® Dust Collectors, Industrial air cleaners, Source Capture Arms, MISTMAX™ mist collectors, HYDROMAX™ wet collectors, and the new FORCE™ Dust Collectors are used to capture and remove indoor pollutants found in a multitude of industrial processes such as welding or cutting smoke & fumes, dust generated in blasting, grinding, sanding, polishing, or mixing processes, or odors and coolant mist. Micro Air® ultimately provides a clean, safe workplace environment, maximizing productivity and efficiencies.

Not only does Micro Air offer the broadest product offering, we support those products with an excellent service and support network, from our internal sales, support, manufacturing and engineering staff, to a second-to-none network of factory-trained Engineered Systems Distributors...you can rely on Micro Air to provide you with simply the best environmental equipment on the market today, at reasonable prices, excellent lead times to ship, and unsurpassed support before, during and after the sale.

Why rely on Micro Air for your Clean Air Needs?

•Full Product Line Offering
•Superior Performance
•Long-Term Value
•Reliability - proven track record
•Unsurpassed Customer Support System
•Full Line of Ancillary Products ranging from fans, rotary valves, Intelli-Touch™ Energy Savings Controls, After-filters etc.
•Safety Options ie. Spark Arrestors, Safety Filters, Explosion Vents, Abort Gates, Backblast Dampers etc. all components required for OSHA/NFPA Combustible Dust Compliance

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