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Distance measurement with nanometer resolution

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With the interferoMETER IMS5400-DS, absolute distance measurements with nanometer resolution can be carried out in industrial applications. The sensors generate a small light spot over the entire measuring range. The light spot diameter is only 10 µm and allows the detection of small details such as structures on semiconductors and miniature electronic components. Compared to other absolute measuring optical systems, the IMS5400-DS offers an unsurpassed combination of accuracy, measuring range and offset distance.

With multi-peak distance measurement on transparent objects, up to 14 distance values can be evaluated. For example, the distance between the glass and the mask can be determined. If required, the controller can calculate the glass thickness based on the peaks.

Unlike interferometers based on relative measurements, the IMS5400- DS also enables the measurement of step profiles. Thanks to the absolute measurement, the scanning is performed with high signal stability and precision. When measuring on moving objects, the differences in height of heels, steps and depressions can thus be reliably detected.