Reliable colour measurement on difficult surfaces

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The colour impression of painted or woven surfaces often depends on the viewing angle. This not only applies to the human eye but also to sensors. The new ACS2 circular sensor illuminates the measurement surface in a 360° circular manner and provides exact measurement results independently of the working direction, even on difficult surfaces such as metallic paint. The sensor has a measurement geometry of 45° circular/0°. The sensor resolution (measurable colour distance) is ?E<0.08. The sensor’s very high measurement frequency of 2,000 Hz enables it to be used in high volume production applications. The measurement spot diameter is 5mm; 9mm is also available as an option. The optimal measurement distance is 28mm. The colorCONTROL ACS7000 spectral colour measurement system provides three measurement modes: colour recognition of up to 15 colours stored; colour measurement with trend analysis; as well as spectral comparison, whereby the reflection spectrum of the test object is displayed and evaluated.

The colorCONTROL ACS7000 colour measurement system with the circular sensor offers colour measurement independent of the turning position of structured, highly reflective and shiny metallic surfaces. Measurement applications are in quality assurance, textiles industry, plastics engineering, machine building and car manufacturing.