Temperature measurement in metal production

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The new thermoMETER CTRatio pyrometer provides accurate results with non-contact temperature measurements in harsh, industrial environments. Unlike conventional pyrometers, it delivers constant measurement results even when surrounded by dust, smoke and vapors, as well as with contaminated lenses or when the object is moving within the measuring field. Its green sighting laser is a new feature that enables improved positioning.

While conventional pyrometers operate at their limits in the metals industry when surrounded by dust, smoke or vapors, the new thermoMETER CTRatio glass fiber ratio pyrometer provides precise measurement values.

The new thermoMETER CTRatio pyrometer based on the ratio measuring principle enables reliable measurements in harsh metal processing environments. Even if only 5 per cent of the measurement object is within the measurement spot, the CTRatio provides reliable measurement results. Due to the high spectral sensitivity in the range from 1.45 to 1.75 μm, measurements are possible from +250 °C. New calibration methods extend the temperature measuring range to +3000 °C. With a response time of just 1 ms, even high speed processes can be monitored reliably.

A green sighting laser helps alignment of the pyrometer. Its green laser light works at a wavelength of 520 nm and offers significantly better visibility on red-hot glowing, metallic surfaces.